Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Little Owl, big bird for 2011

This year, Spain's Bird of the Year for SEO/Birdlife is the mochuelo común, (Athene noctua), known in English as the Little Owl. The bird often hunts in the daytime, so it's one of the most commonly seen owls in Europe.

Although Spain has an estimated 50,000 Little Owls, their population is declining fast, mostly due to changes in agricultural practices. SEO/Birdlife hopes to encourage the return to more traditional practices without limiting farmers' incomes.

You can learn more here:
Even if you don't understand Spanish, the short movie shows the Little Owl at its most captivating.

I especially recommend the Bird of the Year biomusic called Noctua by Senén Barreruos. It incorporates night songs of birds, especially the mochuelo común. Click on the musical note here:

— Sue Burke
Tags: spanish

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