Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Spanish Revolution, 19 June, Atocha, Madrid

The movement goes by many names: Spanish Revolution, Real Democracy Now, 15-M (May 15, for the day of the first protest), or Los Indignados (Indignants).

Today, it organized a march in Madrid — and marches around Spain and the world — against the political response to the euro crisis.

The march came from all parts of Madrid Province. Four groups converged at Atocha, near my home, two others came from the north, and they all met at Neptune Fountain. Here's some photos from Atocha.

This group represents a few small towns in the Tajuña River valley southeast of Madrid.

Iceland refused to bail out foreign investors. The sign says, "Iceland, the way."

The group from the west and south arrived dancing to a battalion of drummers.

Politicians and the media have leaped at the chance to call the movement violent, extremist, the action of only of a handful of disaffected anti-establishment youths, and a danger to democracy. But the movement wants the system to work the way it's supposed to, for the benefit of the citizens, not the way it does now.

The banks have their finger on a red button, and if they push it, they will blow up the financial system. They have built an nuclear bomb out of money, so they can ask for anything.

The protest will continue.

I don't know yet how many people came to the protest in Madrid. Police expected 50,000. You can see a quick video of the crowd around Neptune Fountain here:

— Sue Burke

Tags: political, spanish

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