Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Whom do Spaniards trust?

In July, the polling firm Metroscopia asked Spaniards "To what degree do the following institutions or social groups inspire confidence in you, that is, a sense that you can trust them?"

The answer has fueled a lot of commentary, so you might be interested. People were asked to rank the institutions and groups on a scale of 0 (none) to 10 (full confidence).

7.4 scientists
7.4 doctors
6.8 universities
6.8 Public Health, that is, Spain's socialized health system
6.7 police
6.6 Social Security, which provides health, unemployment, disability, and retirement services and pensions
6.6 small and mid-sized businesses
6.5 intellectuals
6.5 Guardia Civil, a military police force that patrols highways, rural areas, borders, coasts, and participates in international peacekeeping operations
6.5 the armed forces
6.2 non-profit groups
6.0 foundations
5.8 radio stations
5.8 Catholic church institutions such as Caritas, which provides humanitarian aid
5.6 the King
5.3 the Supreme Court
5.2 lawyers
5.2 large Spanish businesses
5.2 civil law notaries, who draft and record documents and provide legal advice
4.8 public ombudsman (defensor del pueblo)
4.8 judges
4.8 government workers
4.7 newspapers
4.7 the Catholic Church's social work
4.7 fiscales, somewhat like district attorneys in the US
4.6 courts
4.6 businessmen
4.5 multinational companies
4.3 municipalities
4.2 Parliament
4.1 television
4.0 the Catholic Church
4.0 communidad autonoma governments, somewhat like states in the US
3.7 savings-and-loan banks (cajas de ahorros)
3.5 the Justice Department
3.3 labor unions
3.1 church bishops
3.0 the current government administration under Prime Minister Zapatero
2.9 banks
2.8 political parties
2.6 politicians

— Sue Burke

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