Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Today's Madrid protest: United for world change

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Madrid filled the streets as part of today's global protest. Madrid's 15-M Indignados movement, the Spanish version of Occupy Wall Street, has been active since May 15. It's had protests like this before, and no doubt it will again.

As one protester said, "Those in power want us to be sad, alone, and isolated, but we're happy, together, and connected."

Six columns of protesters converged from around the Madrid area at Cibeles Plaza. The southwest column arrived dancing to a rhythm section again — this time dressed as pirates.

A statue near the Prado Museum joined in: "Arab spring, European summer, American autumn, Asian winter!"

From Cibeles, the protest headed toward the heart of downtown Madrid, Puerta del Sol. It would hold an assembly, and then break into groups to decide the next steps.

— Sue Burke

Tags: political, spanish

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