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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
My learning style 
29th-Feb-2012 11:14 am

I recently answered a questionnaire about learning styles at a website called VARK:

It asked me how I prefer to learn things – through visual, aural, reading, or kinesthetic strategies (hence VARK). For example, if I wanted to learn a new computer program, would I prefer written instructions, diagrams, talking to people, or experimenting with the keyboard?

I turned out to have a reading-based learning style. But as I thought about it, I really don't have a preference. I've had to learn how to use new computer programs, how to take photos with a new camera, and how to handle my mobile phone, always with the same problem: the instructions, however delivered, did not correspond to reality.

If I could get clear and accurate information, I wouldn't care if I received it via interpretive dance.

Instead, too often, I get instructions that say: Do this, and then select B from the menu. So I do that, but there's no menu, let alone B.

My learning style is: frustrated.

— Sue Burke

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