Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Eurovision's Controversy

As the voting for Europe's top pop song drew to a close on May 12, it became a contest between two performers. One was a Romany tomboyish lesbian from Serbia singing the tragic ballad Molitva (Love Prayer). The other was a silver-clad drag queen from Ukraine, whose song Dancing Lasha Tumbai seemed vaguely insulting to Russia, in the event that it meant anything at all, which it probably didn't.

Russia was coming in at a distant third. Its sexy girl group Serebro sang Song #1 in English with such lyrics as "I'll blow your money money, I'll get you to my bad ass spinning for you." [sic]

And so the controversy was served — but not the one you think if you don't know about Eurovision, a 52-year-old pageant of painfully mediocre pop songs. This year's three-hour show was watched by 120 million viewers across Europe.

To find out who won and why, visit this month's front page article on my website:

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