Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Salt cod salad

It's Good Friday and time for my holiday special treat: salt cod salad.

Here in Spain, salt cod is considered a delicacy, especially during Lent — and even when Lent is over, it's so good, why stop eating it? I own an entire cookbook devoted to bacalao, as salt cod is called in Spanish, including appetizers, salads, omelets, and fried, baked, and stewed. A legendary restaurant in Lisbon serves salt cod in a different recipe every day of the year, 365 ways.

Here's my recipe for bacalao salad. Salt cod is amazing with oranges and arugula.

salt cod, desalinated, cooked and cooled, in pieces
an orange or two, peeled and cut into pieces
onion, sliced fine
black olives
a tomato, sliced or diced
olive oil
a little lemon juice
ground pepper
hard boiled eggs, quartered or sliced, if desired

Toss and serve immediately.

— Sue Burke

Tags: personal, spanish

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