Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Go Ahead — Write This Story: Beginning, middle, and end

Algis Budrys said stories should have three parts. A beginning: a character in a context with a problem. A middle: the character tries to solve the problem and fails, tries again against higher odds and fails, then tries against even higher odds and either succeeds or fails. An end: validation.

You can’t fit this all into a short story, but you don’t have to. A short story can tell just part of this, any part that can be made compelling. That’s how to keep short stories short but strong. Here are a few ideas for stories:

● This is a story set on a Jupiter mining colony where a fantasy role-playing game becomes the vehicle for a rebellion.

● This is dark fantasy set in several successive centuries about a defrocked shaman who plans rescue the patient who caused all the trouble in the first place.

● This is an elfpunk story in which a hobgoblin of little minds relocates to a suburb and has to fight zoning restrictions.

— Sue Burke

Tags: writing ideas

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