Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Review of Terra Nova anthology

A review of Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Science Fiction, edited by Mariano Villareal, has been posted at Strange Horizons.

As you know, I am one of the translators of this book.Review of Terra Nova anthologyReview of Terra Nova anthology

The reviewer, Alexandra Pierce, says (among other things):

“This is an eclectic anthology. It suggests that place can have a major influence on fiction — ‘Greetings from a Zombie Nation’ has aspects that sounds distinctly dystopian but actually reflect lived Cuban experience — but also that some science fictional ideas transcend place, as with the impact of technology on everyday lives. It's marvelous to see Spanish work being translated and made accessible to English speakers, and I hope that translators can be kept in work bringing more to our attention.”

I would be delighted to bring more Spanish work to English readers, and in fact I’m trying to do that.

— Sue Burke
Tags: science fiction, spain, terra nova

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