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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Winter weather . . . finally 
10th-Dec-2006 11:03 pm
Let me see..
Now that the weather has finally gotten below freezing at night, the leaves have begun to fall from the trees. Off to the northwest, through the bare branches of the trees in Retiro Park, I can see the peak of one of the Guadarrama Mountains. It is white with snow — normal winter weather in Madrid. Finally.
11th-Dec-2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
Must be pretty mild if it's only now below freezing and leaves dropping. How is the winter weather in general? Cold at night, warm by day? Due to dry conditions? Winds? Frost? Rains?

11th-Dec-2006 08:28 pm (UTC) - High Plains Winter
En un lugar de la Mancha . . . That's how "Don Quixote" opens: Somewhere in La Mancha. . . . And that's where I am. La Mancha is the "altiplano" or high plain of Spain, where the rain falls mainly in winter (Mediterranean climate). We are a half-mile high, and the seasons are marked. Winters are cold. They ought to be, anyway.

It should have been cold -- close to freezing at night, 50F at most in the day, but often less -- for at least a month now. Trees should have lost their leaves a month ago at least. Roses should have stopped blooming. It should rain -- or at least drizzle -- often.

But the weather has been weird lately. The recent heavy rains -- and heavy rain rather than drizzle is a bit odd -- has ended an 18-month drought. The water supply was getting low, and parts of Spain it still is. The summers have been hotter and dryer than usual, and the winters have been warmer and dryer than usual.

Temperatures should be freezing cold in the morning, as they were today. (Some other day I'll rant about winter heating in old buildings in Spain.) It should be drizzling, though it wasn't today. We had a lot of downpours last week, though. The ski season should have opened a lot earlier in the Madrid mountains and throughout southern Europe, but they haven't gotten much snow until lately.

Sometimes it even snows in Madrid in the winter. The winter should be cold and damp. But the climate seems to be changing, and that is worrisome. It's good to see the snowy mountains through the bare trees.
12th-Dec-2006 04:09 pm (UTC) - Re: High Plains Winter
What's scary about what you wrote...

Weatherdude tells me that torrential rain is one of the signs of global warming. Sounds like your rain pattern has changed, for at least this year. Here's to hoping it's just an anomalous year and not a trend.

But it seems, from what you're writing, that you live in an especially delicate climate zone and the Madrid high plain may be especially susceptible to the effects of global warming.

Weatherguy was talking to me about how the rains here were tending to be more torrential than gentle this fall, how we had downpours.

Oh, and mucho gracias for the lovely card and info.
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