Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Passive Workshop: Exercises, passive to active (Session 8)

Change these sentences from passive voice to active voice.

1. Cities on Venus were built to float above the clouds.
2. The cities could be hurled down to the hellish red-hot surface by simply reversing the antigrav polarity.
3. Becky was plagued by indecision and doubts about her mother’s real role in the invasion.
4. “You’ll get killed if you get caught!”
5. To be continued.








1. They built cities on Venus to float above the clouds.
2. Simply reversing the antigrav polarity could hurl the cities down to the hellish red-hot surface.
3. Indecision and doubts about her mother’s real role in the invasion plagued Becky.
4. “They’ll kill you if they catch you!”
5. Someone is going to continue this.

Are these sentences better in active voice? Are there other possible answers?

Next: “Newspeak” revisited.

(Photo: NASA, surface of Venus)

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