Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Triangulation: End of Time -- on sale now

 What happens when you ask a bunch of writers to come up with stories based on the theme "end of time"? You stories that are apocalyptic, whimsical, and whimsically apocalyptic: continents running amok, zombie stampedes, cryogenic mishaps, hurricanes, killer comets, all-consuming deserts, frivolous time travel, alien invasions, and trickster gods threatened by an eternity of boredom.

In short, you get the anthology Triangulation: End of Time. Featuring stories that really mean it when they say "The End" by Ian Creasey, Dario Ciriello, Tim Pratt, Jeff Parish, Idan Cohen, Jetse de Vries, Michael Stone, Kurt Kirchmeier, D.K. Latta, Ashley Arnold, Matthew Johnson, Rebecca W. Day, Trent Walters, Scott Almes, Jessica E. Kaiser, Terry Hayman, Katherine Shaw, Jared Axelrod, Sue Burke, and Geoffrey Thorne.

You can buy it for as a paperback $12 from Lulu, or as a pdf download for $4.

Or you can buy it as a $12 paperback from Amazon.

Tags: science fiction, writing

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