Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Go Ahead — Write This Story: Not as planned

You get a great idea, sit down to write, and it doesn’t turn out as expected. Don’t be surprised. Writing makes nebulous ideas concrete, in the process shutting out various possibilities. In the nebulous state, everything was possible, and now it’s not. Yet, new ideas might have been discovered, leading to another set of possibilities. The written version might even be better than the original idea, and only your (understandable) disappointment keeps you from seeing that. This is why writers drink.

If you need some ideas to make concrete, here are a few story possibilities (BYOB):

• This is a revenge story about a woman who learns she is a clone and is surprised by whom her parents chose to copy and how different this was from most choices.

• This is a story about an engineer whose design for a lunar habitat won a major prize but who is terrified to go to the Moon, yet must go live there anyway as an obligation of the prize.

• This is a first contact story in which two civilizations initiate a series of gift exchanges to begin their relationship, and the gifts tell more about the givers than they thought they would.

— Sue Burke

Tags: writing ideas

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