Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

For your reading pleasure

Since April, I’ve been publishing weekly articles Las dos Castillas, a literary e-zine of literature and other fine arts. Most its the content is in Spanish, but the Handwriting section, which includes me, is in English.

Here’s what’s been published so far – for your reading pleasure:

Billions and billions of people. What a changed world looks like.

Dark skies. Eight lessons about looking up.

Dinosaurs in the hallways. The fossils I walk on every day.

Haiku cut: kireji. It’s more than just counting syllables.

How to read. It keeps getting easier.

If I were a plant. Chlorophyll means power.

Judo way of life. Five lessons on how to fight – and to go about daily life.

Lies, Gold, and Poverty. Sunken treasure in Lake Michigan.

Madrid Is Ripe for Conquest. A silly poem about dog poop.

Paper into planes. Paper airplanes took too long to be invented.

Teaching and acting. They have a lot in common.

The trophy, close up. The World Cup trophy, that is.

Translating poetry: thorny problems. Translation is more than words.

Who Loved Their Babies More. A three-paragraph short story.

Why not “normal”? A lesson I learned from a “special” high school student.

Why you have a future. You have a future because you forgot your past.

Write like Hemingway. He wasn’t that tough away from the keyboard.

— Sue Burke
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