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“Game of Thrones” made in Spain

We know what the residents of Game of Throne’s Kingdom of Dorne look like: tan and slim, but no tattoos. The women have long dark hair and the men have beards.

In fact, they look like a select sample of the residents of Osuna, Spain, a small town near Seville. The television series producers held a casting call there on September 2, accepting 500 of the 4,500 who came to the town’s soccer stadium for pre-selection.

Shooting begins today and will continue through October 29, and the extras will get €50 per day for working from 4 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., including the time in makeup, hairdressing, and wardrobe, although some may appear on-screen nude. Featured sites may include the local quarry, bullring, and Renaissance chapel.

Osuna Mayor Rosario Andújar expects it to be an enormous boost to the local economy, both during the filming and afterwards as a tourist attraction for fans. The municipal website already has pages dedicated to Juego de Tronos (Game of Thrones).

Some scenes will also be shot in the Royal Palace in Seville, one of my favorite places, sort of a mini-Alhambra. Dorne should be a stunningly beautiful kingdom.

— Sue Burke

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