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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
If you want to nominate my work... 
27th-Jan-2015 03:20 pm
Postage stamp
I have only one thing eligible this year for a prize, the short-short story “Summer Home” published in the December issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine.

It’s gotten good reviews. For example, Mark Watson at Best SF says this:

“Only a page and a half, a list of 6 ‘Must Do’s’ for a new summer home, but the paragraphs contain a lot, and what could easily have been covered in a novella is covered more succinctly, much more succinctly, but with equal impact.”

Alas, the story is available only in the magazine, so I can’t give you a link to read it online, but thank you for considering me, at least during the time it took to read this post.

— Sue Burke

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