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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
29th-Apr-2015 01:04 pm
I’ve learned my lesson: I’ve made my nominations for the Ignotus Awards, Spain’s equivalent to the Hugos.

Not that there’s going to be a Puppy-like problem in Spain. The SFF community may not be one big happy family, but writers and fans try to be civil and behave responsibly. (Unlike some Spanish politicians, for example – it’s not utopia here.) In fact, the sponsor of the Ignotus Award, the Spanish Association for Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror, http://www.aefcft.com/, is trying to bring in more voters to promote greater participation in the nomination and voting process to make it broader and more representative.

Still, just to be safe, even though I’m not widely read and cannot keep up with the deluge of quality works, I’ve sent in nominations for a few things this year that I believe are worthy of recognition. It might be atonement for not nominating for the Hugos. I won’t shirk my duty again.

— Sue Burke
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