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Sometimes friends and family ask if here in Spain we’ve heard about some item in the news from the United States. The answer is probably yes. To give you an idea, here are a week’s worth of headlines involving the United States from El País, Spain’s leading newspaper. I haven’t included articles that mention the US only in passing. And of course there are other newspapers, along with radio, television, and internet reports.

Tuesday, January 12

  • The chameleon that made pop an art (David Bowie dies in Manhattan; an analysis of his life and work fills pages 23 to 28 and a few other columns)

  • Mexico initiates the complex process of El Chapo’s extradition to the US

  • Six US states want the Sinaloa boss in court

  • Obama’s last paragraph (an examination of his historical legacy)

  • Iñárritu is posed for another Oscar after the Golden Globes

  • Kanye West against the world (in the Celebrity Gossip column)

  • Courtney Love, now a designer (in the Celebrity Gossip column)

  • VW asks for forgiveness and announces an investment of 825 million in US (in the Business section)

  • Baxalta puts itself in the hands of Ireland’s Shire (in the Business section)

  • Playboy mansion on sale for 185 million (in the People section)

  • Madonna to Sean Penn: “I still love you” (in the People section)

  • The madness of Marco Rubio’s boots (the Back Page feature)

Monday, January 11

  • Mexico considers calling Sean Penn to testify about his interview with El Chapo

  • Obama’s strategy in the Near East gets more complicated

  • Porzingis, king of New York (in the Sports section)

  • Bad date with the NBA (in the Sports section)

Sunday, January 10

  • Mexico is willing to extradite El Chapo (to the US; along with several related articles)

  • North Korean nuclear test reinforces US influence in Asia

  • The best series to hear (to learn English, mostly American television; in a special section about learning to speak English)

  • The big market created by fans (about movie tie-in merchandise, especially US films and Star Wars; in the Business section, with additional related articles)

  • AMC imagines the movie theaters of the future (in the Business section)

  • Wall Street runs out of gas (in the Business section)

  • Bezos, the austere millionaire (in the Business section)

  • Interview with Mario Kreutzberger (“Don Fransisco,” star of the Miami television show Sábado gigante; in the Weekly Magazine supplement)

  • For Tarantino, the star is ... Morricone! (about the movie The Hateful Eight; in the Weekly Magazine supplement)

Saturday, January 9

  • Extraordinary new world: USA and China must face Kim Jong-un’s nuclear provocation (editorial)

  • This is the technology we’ll use in 2016 (report from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas)

  • John Hughes, the film-maker who dignified adolescence (overview of the late writer-director-producer’s work, such as The Breakfast Club)

  • World stock markets lose four trillion in capitalization in 2016 (frequent references to US markets)

  • The next-to-last flight of the jumbo jet (about the Boeing B747)

  • United States created 2.65 million jobs in 2015

  • The case of the US missile that wound up in Cuba (the Back Page feature article)

  • Emotional, not sentimental (review of a short-story collection by US author Stephen Dixon; in the Books section)

  • The good villain (an 8-page section about superheroes and their enemies, mostly discussing Hollywood movies)

  • In the US embassy, they don’t eat hotdogs (the ambassador and his chef talk about American food; in the Buenavida magazine supplement)

Friday, January 8

  • Seul asks the US to activate its strategic arms in the area

  • Miami prepares for another massive arrival of Cubans

  • A woman heads up West Point (editorial about Gen. Diana Holland)

  • The Chinese miracle makes Hollywood happy: the purchase of Legendary studios by the Wanda consortium

  • As personal as overvalued (review of the movie Joy

  • My daughter will be a zombie (review of the movie Maggie

  • China’s slowdown and the iPhone burden Apple

  • Dinner discount for wearing a gun (about a Houston restaurant that encourages open carry among its customers, and about the new open carry law in Texas; the Back Page feature)

  • Mythic scenery for John Wayne (a big photo of Monument Valley; in the Travel section)

  • In Elvis’ basement (about a Spanish actress’s visit to Graceland; in the Travel section)

  • Heavenly macro-stage: California visit to the birthplace of televangelism, a boundless glass cathedral by Philip Johnson (in the Travel section)

Thursday, January 7

  • USA defends strategic advances against ISIS

  • An empty alliance (op-ed piece about political connections between USA and Europe)

  • Crude oil drops to $35 for the first time since 2004 (frequent references to the USA)

  • Rocco Richie cranks up the fight with Madonna, his mother (in the Celebrity Gossip column)

  • Janet Jackson suspends her tour due to a tumor (in the Celebrity Gossip column)

  • Amy Shumer supports Obama on gun control (in the Celebrity Gossip column)

Wednesday, January 6

  • Amid tears, Obama urges “don’t accept this carnage”

  • Arms sales peak sharply in the US

  • A new transatlantic relationship (op-ed piece about connections between the US and Spain)

  • Back to Gus N’ Roses paradise: band will lead the lineup at California’s Coachella Festival

  • Volkswagen sales drop in USA


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