Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

“Castles in Spain” is available for pre-order

You may recall me blogging from time to time last year about a crowdfunding project: the translation of an anthology of short stories that were landmarks in science fiction, fantasy, and horror in Spain. We raised enough money, assembled a talented team of translators – and in less than a week, the book can be yours.

Castles in Spain can be preordered as an ebook from, and will go on sale on April 19. A paperback edition will be available soon, and both will also be for sale at the publisher’s website, Sportula. The Spanish-language version, both ebook and paperback, are already available at Amazon.

Thank you to everyone who backed the project. You should all have your ebooks by now. (If not, let me know. The paperbacks are coming.)

English-language publishers are leery of translations, but step by step we can show them that translations sell. If you read it and like it, post reviews, give it stars on Amazon, and share the love.

— Sue Burke

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