Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Pure Spanglish: Miss and Míster

A brief lesson in real-life Spanish (as spoken in Spain, I should add). When words travel from one language to another, they don't always arrive safely.

Miss refers to a woman who participates in or wins a beauty contest.

La ganadora del certamen de Miss España 2007 fue la representante de Guipúzcoa, Natalia Zabala Arroyo. The winner of the Miss Spain 2007 contest was the representative of Guipúzcoa, Natalia Zabala Arroyo. (From 20 Minutos newspaper)

As you might guess, míster means a male beauty contest participant or winner. (The accent has to do with Spanish spelling rules.)

Juan García Postigo, elegido Míster España en 2006, ha obtenido el premio al más guapo del planeta, Míster Mundo 2007. Juan García Postigo, elected Mister Spain in 2006, has won the prize of the most handsome man of the planet, Mister World 2007. (From Telecinco news)

But míster also means the coach of a sports team. (Other words are téchnico, "technician," and entrenador, "trainer.") Here's a quote from Fernando Gago, center fielder with Real Madrid Soccer Team:

"Después del partido del otro día, hablé con el míster y estaba contento con el trabajo que había hecho." "After the game the other day, I talked with the coach, and he was happy with the job I had done." (From DiarioAS sports web site)

You can guess the history of that usage yourself.

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