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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Amadis of Gaul, the final chapters 
6th-Sep-2016 10:15 am
Today, after an August break, I have resumed the on-line translation of Amadis of Gaul, a medieval novel of chivalry, at http://amadisofgaul.blogspot.com/

I began this translation in 2009, and I expect to finish in 2017, posting a chapter or portion of a chapter every week. We’re up to Chapter 117, and the book ends at 133.

The story has followed the life of Amadis of Gaul, the greatest knight in the world, from his birth to a life filled with adventure, intrigue, and love. As Chapter 117 opens, he has been at war with King Lisuarte of Great Britain, but now, Lisuarte faces defeat by an army raised by Amadis’s longtime enemy, Arcalaus the Sorcerer. Amadis is racing to rescue the king. To complicate matters, Amadis is secretly married to Princess Oriana, Lisuarte’s daughter. Winning a battle might be easier than making peace.

This book drove Don Quixote mad. What will it do to you?

— Sue Burke

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