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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
More space aliens and linguists! 
14th-Dec-2016 09:53 am
If you liked the movie Arrival, here’s another story about talking to aliens, Monteverde: Memoirs of an Interstellar Linguist, by Lola Robles, a Spanish author, translated by Lawrence Schimel.

Lola writes outstanding, thoughtful works, and Lawrence is a talented and sensitive translator. Full disclosure: they're also friends.

The cover blurb:

“Terran scholar Rachel Monteverde journeys to Aanuk, a paradisiacal planet famous for both its beaches and the generosity of its nomadic inhabitants. The Aanukiens are not the only people on the planet, however: Rachel is eager to meet the Fihdia, a cave-dwelling people who share a congenital condition that makes them blind. Rachel's relentless determination to communicate with them despite the Aanukien's dismissal and the Fihdia's secretiveness will yield more than she ever hoped for.”

Get it from the publisher (it’s cheaper):

Get it at Amazon:
https://www.amazon.com/Monteverde-Memoirs-Interstellar-Linguist-Conversation-ebook/dp/B01N577WGL/ for Kindle
https://www.amazon.com/Monteverde-Memoirs-Interstellar-Linguist-Conversation/dp/1619761173/ in paperback

— Sue Burke
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