July 19th, 2007


Spain's Summer Song 2007

Each year, by a process I have not yet figured out or I'd try to subvert it, a song is selected the Cancion de Verano in Spain -- the Summer Song. In past years, the song as been by a Romanian group about a telephone call (from what I could tell), a song by Las Ketchup whose words had no meaning whatsoever, a song about building a chicken coop, and another whose refrain was "I want to dance all night, dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance." They are always easy songs to dance to, at least.

This year's Summer Song of Spain has just been declared: "Coco Candela" by the Los Limpiabotas (The Shoeshiners) of Málaga. They are big Bee Gees fans. You can enjoy, so to speak, the music video here, and note the dance moves:


I will be hearing this song not just all summer and not just at every street fiesta but every time I go grocery shopping over the Muzak system until they start playing Christmas songs, by which time it will be engraved in my brain. Lord have mercy.

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