October 31st, 2007


Off to Ishbiliya-Con

I'll be away for the next few days in Seville, Spain, for the 2007 HispaCon, Spain's national science fiction convention. Traditionally, Spanish conventions adopt a historic name of its host city, and Ishbiliya is the Moorish name for Seville.

This year the Three Cultures Foundation will host the convention: "three" refers to the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic cultures that have enriched Spain's heritage, and the convention will focus on Arab and Israeli as well as Spanish writers. I'm especially looking forward to the anthology prepared for the convention featuring short stories from nine countries.

There will also be the usual round tables, panels, movies, authors, publishers, hucksters, awards dinner, and friends I haven't seen lately. Not to mention the pleasure of Seville itself, and what looks like a drop-dead gorgeous conference center.

I'll be back with a con report. Hasta luego!