June 24th, 2008


Mountain adventures

I hiked with my brother and his family in Peñalara Park in the Guadarrama Mountains northwest of Madrid today.

We enjoyed pleasant breezes fragrant with wildflowers, cool and clear spring water, singing birds, a mountainside picnic at 1950 meters (1.2 miles) above sea level amid spectacular scenery (see photo), and learned about the fungus that is decimating the Guadarrama frog population. Although the children tried, we did not let them fall off the edge of anything, which required divine intervention and for which we are grateful. Little Sean led the prayer at the end of the hike. Amen.

Tomorrow, we are off to Barcelona, without Internet connection, so just imagine us enjoying the Mediterranean beaches, wandering down Las Ramblas, watching the Magic Fountain, and visiting the Montjuïc Castle and the Chocolate Museum (!).

Buenas noches.