September 29th, 2008


I win the Golden Brick Award for worst science fiction article in Spanish

I just learned that I won the 2008 Ladrillo de Oro for the worst article about science fiction in Spanish, presented at Spain's HispaCon national convention last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn't be there to pick up my lovely trophy.

My article is entitled "No cagaos en la Maritoñi" ("Don't dump on the Maritoñi"). The rules included the provision that entrants had to either write the article while dressed as a northern Spanish country bumpkin (and prove it conclusively) or include the word "Maritoñi" in the article: "to write a bad article there's nothing better than to use ideas you know nothing about, as journalists prove in print every day."

Since I am a professional journalist, I chose the latter option. I hope to soon provide you with a translation that remains true to the awful original Spanish.

You can read more about the award at: