March 18th, 2009


Poetry: Sighted (in Madrid)

Bats (at twilight)
blue Tits, singing
likewise, Blackbirds
Daffodils (daffy)
violet Violets
Almond blossoms falling like warm snow
the Sardine, buried and mourned
Daylight savings on the horizon
likewise Father's day (San José to be exact)
and the equinox
of Spring.


The mournful Burial of the Sardine marks the start of Lent in Madrid, as you can see in this brief, entertaining report by my friend Karina Stenquist, who still seems sober at the end, somehow:

Daylight Savings Time will begin on March 29 in my time zone.

Father's Day, which is actually Saint Joseph's day (the step-father of Jesus, to be exact) is March 19, and is a public holiday in Madrid, the start of a very long weekend.

The equinox is March 20. Season's greetings for those who celebrate the happy holiday.

As for bats, they hibernate, but when they wake up in spring, their troubles have just begun. Bat lovers should not follow this link and see the video: