December 21st, 2011

Let me see..

Why buy lottery tickets?

What if I suddenly had a half-million dollars?

I mean, really, what if? What if I won the El Gordo lottery, which will be drawn here in Spain on Thursday, December 22? I have my ticket and my number: 18966. The odds are against me, but someone's going to win. What if it's me?

Here in Spain, lottery tickets are sort of a social event. I bought my ticket through work, a common practice. We all have shares in the same number. Whatever our workplace give-and-take, on Thursday morning we'll all share the same hope, and on Thursday afternoon, the same celebration or disappointment.

But the chance of actually winning has put an edge on my daydreams. What if? Really, because it might happen.

After some thought, I know what I'd do. I'd buy an apartment. And not the one I live in now — or if I did, I'd rip it out down to the rafters and remodel completely. The building is nice, but, from the floor plan to the plumbing, this apartment is old and inconvenient.

This is my prize from El Gordo. I have narrowed down my daydreams into a genuine desire. Even if I don't win, now I know what's important to me. Maybe, somehow, even without the help of Luck, I can make that happen.

— Sue Burke