January 19th, 2012

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Go Ahead — Write This Story: Finish what you write

Heinlein's Second Rule of Writing: "You must finish what you write." Easy to say, but a million things will conspire against completing the crucial first draft of your story. Defend yourself. Seduce the muse with frequent, scheduled visits; she will likely be there waiting for your daily or weekly date. Write badly if you must, but do not "fix" the first page until the last page is done; it's a rough draft, and you can become perfect later. If you need ideas for a story to draft, here are a few.

● This is an alternate history story set in 1491 in which the Iroquois League of Six Nations builds a really big canoe and sets out east. Will it bring constitutional government to a Europe poised to accelerate the creation of absolute monarchies in the Renaissance?

● This is a heartwarming story set on a planet being terraformed in which a family struggles with natural disaster and wartime plundering.

● This is a children's picture book story about a trio of friends who discover that albino alligators really do live in the sewers.

— Sue Burke

Not posted yesterday due to the SOPA/PIPA blackout.

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