August 15th, 2012


Go Ahead — Write This Story: anytime, anywhere

Does a story have to be chronological? Of course not. And you knew that. It’s usually easier to tell a tale by the clock, but your story may vary. For example, your story may be not about what the journey through time but the emotional journey, which is never a straight line. Time is relative, too, even at non-light speeds. My friend Pat Bowne discussed that in her blog post here: Meanwhile, if you want to tell a story that has its own time, here are a few ideas:

• This military SF story begins with the trial of an officer who had adopted alien tactics to win a war on an alien world, but was condemned as a lawless warlord at home.

• This is a story about a Lunar pioneer who finds archaeological evidence of previous inhabitants and starts to piece together the events that killed them.

• This is a subterficial story (look it up) in which a graphic novelist considers several possible story lines for an upcoming publication.

— Sue Burke