September 26th, 2012

Let me see..

If, like me, you’re a US citizen living overseas (or you know someone who is), you can vote in the upcoming presidential election, but you must register and request your ballot. The easiest way to do that is to go here:

A simple questionnaire will gather the necessary information about you and generate the form to send to your voter registrar in the US, along with the address for your registrar. No personal information will be recorded about you.

The deadline for registration for some states is as early as October 6, so act now. Even if you were signed up in previous elections, you must register and request your ballot every year.

This site is organized through Democrats Abroad, and it is by law non-partisan. If you have any questions about voting and your overseas ballot, just ask. I’m a member of Democrats Abroad, and we have voting experts who are waiting to help.

We want every citizen to vote.

— Sue Burke