November 21st, 2012


Go Ahead — Write This Story: The Turkey City Lexicon

Technically, the Turkey City Lexicon was created to help participants in writers’ workshops or critique groups to refer to common problems with a common vocabulary. But if you read the lexicon before you start writing, you might pick up a few clues about common problems you should avoid: Pushbutton Words, Dischisms, Signals from Fred, and the ever-popular Idiot Plot.

You can find the lexicon at the SFWA website:

With your newfound wisdom, you can write a story that uses The Edges of Ideas or an Ontological Riff. If you need a story idea, here are a few:

• This is a race against time story in which an astronomer discovers that Earth's magnetic field has attracted a herd of ion-munching space grazers that in turn attract space predators.

• This is a sibling rivalry story about a quintet of clones who decide to use their identical appearances to pull off the perfect crime.

• This is a young adult fantasy novel about a kind but misguided tarot reader who uses marked cards to provide more "appropriate" readings.

— Sue Burke

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