June 24th, 2013


Terra Nova anthology now out

Short stories by six top Spanish-language writers have been translated into English and are now available in Terra Nova: An Anthology of Contemporary Spanish Science Fiction. I’m one of the translators. You can buy it at:

Smashwords, in a variety of electronic formats:

Amazon, in Kindle format:

Amazon, in paperback:

Sportula, the Spanish publisher:

The variety of stories is impressive.


“The Texture of Words,” by Felicidad Martínez: women seek to lead despite being blind and dependent, while men fight constant wars.

“Deirdre,” by Lola Robles: in the future, robotics can create made-to-order lovers.

“Greetings from a Zombie Nation,” by Eric J. Mota: a stagnant society, Cuba, turns its citizens into the living dead.

“Light a Lone Candle,” by Victor Conde: social networks want too much and never let go.

“Bodies,” by Juanfran Jiménez: in a globalized and pseudodemocratic Europe, the rich practice sex tourism by means of mind exchange.

“Memory,” by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría: personal relationships and sex roles evolve in radical ways on a terraformed Mars.

And an article by the editor:

“Science Fiction from Spain,” by Mariano Villarreal: a close look at the past and present in Spanish science fiction.

It’s been a pleasure to translate these outstanding stories and bring them to the English-speaking public. Get your copy today!

— Sue Burke