March 25th, 2015

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Successfully funded!

For those of you who noticed that I was taking part in a crowdfunding campaign, I’m happy to report the campaign ended on March 19 with success.

Castles in Spain / Castillos en el aire, a bilingual Spanish-English anthology of the short stories that helped shape science fiction in Spain, raised $4,147 – 115% of its goal – from 111 funders, to pay for its translation. The book should come out at the end of the year and will bring some new voices to English and to the ongoing discussion in our genre.

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To those of you who gave: thank you everyone, gracias a todos! Stories from the language of Cervantes will be read in the language of Shakespeare because of you. And thank you to the other members of the campaign team, Mariano Villarreal and Elías Combarro, who never hesitated to do what needed to be done. And thank you to the people who couldn’t give but who helped spread the word – you really made a difference.

We’re excited and grateful, and we can’t wait to begin to get out the immediate Perks and begin the process of translating, editing, and publishing this landmark anthology.

More information is at the campaign site, (By the way, Indiegogo allows us to still accept more funders.)

Again, thank you, gracias. I can’t say that enough.

— Sue Burke