May 11th, 2015

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Spanish fantasy writers, editors, and translators on Reddit this week

Ask me anything about translating on Reddit on Thursday. I’ll be there with Spanish anthologist Mariano Villarreal and authors Elia Barceló and Javier Negrete and some other special guests.

The Fantasy sub-group at Reddit, is hosting a SFF Spanish this week from May 11 to May 17 so we can all learn more about how science fiction and Fantasy are portrayed, written, and discussed in Spanish-speaking cultures

You don’t have to be a member of Reddit to take a look. Answers will be in English and Spanish.

Guests will appear through the week for “Ask Me Anything” sessions, as well as some Cuban writers who, due to limited Internet access, will be answering when they can.

Scheduled appearances:

May 11 - Christina Jurado: author and editor. Right now at
May 12 - Elías Combarro: Spain blogger and SMOF.
May 12 - Leticia Lara: Spain author.
May 13 - Robin Hobb and her Mexican publisher.
May 14 - Mariano Villarreal, me, and authors Elia Barceló and Javier Negrete.
May 17 - Manuel de los Reyes: English-into-Spanish translator.
May 17 - Marian Womack: author, translator, and editor.

— Sue Burke