October 30th, 2016

Let me see..

Why no game clock at baseball?

How long does a baseball game last?

Usually about three hours, but it can take under two hours or more than eight. Baseball uses no clock – unlike sports such as football or basketball. Why not?

Because baseball developed in the early 1800s when few people could afford a pocket watch. The rules had to be based on some other form of limits, so instead of minutes, umpires count strikes, outs, and innings.

It might take a long time to rack up three outs. Or it can be a fast three up, three down, and the pitcher walks off the mound to cheers.

In our daily lives, most of the time we live by the clock: time to go to work, time for dinner, time to get out of bed or to hit the snooze button and delay the inevitable a little while longer. But with baseball, there is no clock. Can you imagine when all of life was like that?

Go Cubs!

— Sue Burke