February 6th, 2018


“Semiosis” is released today

In celebration of that, there have been some interviews and posts around the internet.

At the Tor/Forge blog, I answer the question of whether your neglected houseplants want revenge. Short answer: no. Consider the fate of the osage orange…

At Mary Robinette Kowal’s website, I share “My Favorite Bit” about Semiosis.

At the Chicago Review of Books, I talk about where science fiction writers get their ideas, and how Semiosis started with my houseplants.

SFRevu has a review of Semiosis and an interview with me.

At Shelf Awareness, there’s a review of the book and an interview.

At the Cartesian Theatre, Andrew Leon Hudson asks me some questions, not all of them somber and serious.

The Qwillery has an interview asking writing-related questions.

A review in Spanish is at the Dreams of Elvex blog.

For the latest Semiosis news, visit https://semiosispax.com/.

— Sue Burke