March 4th, 2020

Let me see..

I’m interviewed at Locus magazine

Feb LOCUS CV finalThe March 2020 issue of Locus magazine has interviews with me, Nina Allan, and Gareth L. Powell. The issue also includes the Nebula Awards Ballot, notices of award winners, news, reviews, and columns. The magazine is available for purchase, but it isn’t free online.

However, you can listen for free to a podcast of my interview with Intralingo — many other fascinating interviews about world literature are also at that site. Host Lisa Carter and I talk about writing, science fiction, and my inspiration for Semiosis and Interference. One of the things I say:

“There’s something called ‘plant blindness,’ where you see a tree and every other tree is just the same tree. Well, no, it’s not. [I hope readers] begin to see the individuals that are around them and understand that their lives are difficult for them, but important for them too, because this is our environment. If all the plants die, we’re dead too."