Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Happy Thanksgiving Day, that is, sort of.

The first challenge for Americans in Spain at Thanksgivingtime is to get a can of pumpkin filling for the pie. I had visitors from the 'States bring me some earlier this year, so I was set.

I used one can for politics. I made a pie on Tuesday to sell in fundraising slices at a Democrats Abroad Pre-Thanksgiving Debate Watching Party, but the thorny issues of voting from abroad can wait for upcoming posts. By the way, a wine bottle makes an excellent rolling pin.

Today is, of course, just another day in Spain. A few Irish bars, which are the de facto American bars, will be serving Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't know about their advertised menus: pumpkin cream soup, turkey with cranberry sauce and baked potatoes, and pecan pie or pudding for dessert. Close but not quite a ringer. But they will have NFL football, via British SkyB TV, which has somewhat clued-in commentary. Go Packers.

My feasting will wait until Saturday, when a friend is having "the usual madness" for Thanksgiving, dinner for 50 expatriate Americans. I am assigned the paper plates and napkins. That's what I'll buy on Black Friday.

Real Christmas shopping in Spain, however, doesn't begin until after the Immaculate Constitution Bridge in December, which I promise to explain when that holiday is upon us. Drive safely.

Tags: personal, spanish

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