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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Read two stories from “Spanish Women of Wonder” 
7th-Sep-2017 10:20 am
Keep Calm
National Translation Month is September, and #NTM2017 has posted two short stories from the award-winning anthology of science fiction written by women, Spanish Women of Wonder. I translated those stories.

“The Infestation” by Felicidad Martínez offers a humorous and thrilling military space opera involving evolved plants. “Techt” by Sofía Rhei is set in a semiotic dystopia with a touch of cyberpunk, recalling novels such as Fahrenheit 451 or 1984.

National Translation Month says, “The translator, Sue Burke, does a wonderful job of capturing these two distinct voices. We hope you’ll agree and you’ll check out this mesmerizing collection.”

You can get those two stories here:


— Sue Burke

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