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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
Updates on “Semiosis” 
5th-Mar-2018 09:57 am
My novel Semiosis was released by Tor a month ago, and here’s some of the latest news and reviews.

I wrote an article about writing non-human points of view at Unbound Worlds: “…plants lead lives of quiet desperation, in constant combat using a variety of weapons.”

At the signing at Anderson’s Bookstore in La Grange, Illinois, I talked about what would happen if I could practice photosynthesis. You can see a video of the 5-minute talk here and read the short essay here.

Today, at Lawrence Schoen’s blog Eating Authors, I describe my most memorable meal – a snack at the Eiffel Tower that proved something essential about the French people.

You can read an interview of me by Sean McLachlan, who helped me write the book as a beta reader, at Black Gate, and an interview by Paul Semel.

There are reviews at Christian Science Monitor, Biblio Sanctum, Kirkus Review: Of Plants and Men, a featured review, The Perks of Books video review, Open Letters Review, and Lynn’s Book Blog Friday Firsts.

— Sue Burke
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