Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

The Spanish anthem has words, maybe

The Spanish national anthem has no words, as I noted in a previous post last June.

Fearful that winning athletes would have nothing to sing as their anthem was played, the Spanish Olympic Committee created a contest to find a suitable text. The committee received thousands of entries, and a team of experts made their choice yesterday. The winner was to be revealed at the Committee's annual dinner on January 21, when it would be sung by tenor Plácido Domingo.

But the verses were leaked to the press yesterday. Few people have liked them. One politician called the words "antiquated," and others complained about excessive nationalism, musty generalities, and a failure to mention the Crown. The morning news was led off by recordings people on the street giggling and singing.

To get these words approved, petitions with 500,000 signatures must be presented to the Spanish Congress, which must then vote on the measure.

Here's the words and my translation, which will most certainly not be the official one.

¡Viva España!
Cantemos todos juntos
con distinta voz
y un solo corazón

Hooray for Spain!
Let's all sing together
with different voices
and only one heart

¡Viva España!
desde los verdes valles
al inmenso mar,
un himno de hermandad

Hooray for Spain!
From the green valleys
to the immense sea,
an anthem of brotherhood

Ama a la Patria
pues sabe abrazar,
bajo su cielo azul,
pueblos en libertad

Love the Homeland
since it knows how to embrace,
under its blue sky,
people in freedom

Gloria a los hijos
que a la Historia dan
justicia y grandeza
democracia y paz

Glory to its sons and daughters
who give to History
justice and grandeur,
democracy and peace

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