Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Super Tuesday in Madrid

If you've got sharp eyes, you can glimpse me at the beginning and end of this short video. Last night, Democrats Abroad in Madrid organized a polling place and election party. I organized the polls, checked in voters, and finally counted ballots at 2 a.m. after the party ended. Obama took 70% of the live votes in Spain last night, and you can see how enthusiastic people were.

But the vote isn't over. Democrats Abroad members in 100 countries can vote by Internet, in-person at voting centers, or by mail. Because it is difficult and sometimes impossible to participate in primaries if you live overseas, Democrats Abroad organized its own Democratic primary. Final results will be available later this month when all the paper trails and tallies are checked.

The results will determine the makeup of the Democrats Abroad delegation to the Democratic National Convention, where it's treated like a 51st state.

or click this link:
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