My next novel: “Immunity Index”

Here’s the cover art for my next novel, Immunity Index. Notice that the skyline is Milwaukee.

The book will be released on May 4, 2021, and may it be a better year for us all.

I began writing this long before Covid-19 appeared, and as I finished it early this year, I became deeply troubled — then I realized why. This novel tells the story of a better coronavirus epidemic than the one we have. I am heartbroken by our real-life loss and suffering. The challenge to our perseverance and compassion will last for months and years.

More information and preorder links for the novel are here:

The official synopsis somehow fails to mention the woolly mammoth, but he’s in there and he’s loveable:

Sue Burke, author of Semiosis and Interference, gives readers a new near-future, hard sf novel. Immunity Index blends Orphan Black with Contagion in a terrifying outbreak scenario.

In a US facing growing food shortages, stark inequality, and a growing fascist government, three perfectly normal young women are about to find out that they share a great deal in common.

Their creator, the gifted geneticist Peng, made them that way — before such things were outlawed.

Rumors of a virus make their way through an unprotected population on the verge of rebellion, only to have it turn deadly.

As the women fight to stay alive and help, Peng races to find a cure — and the coverup behind the virus.


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