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Mount Orégano
Sue Burke
'Tell Me How It Happened' 
9th-Feb-2008 08:20 pm
Let me see..

 What would The Wonder Years be like if the years weren't wonderful? What if the show were set in the final years of a long, brutal, repressive dictatorship, punctuated by terrorist bombings, while society underwent unrest and wrenching changes?

Then you'd have my favorite television show, Cuéntame Cómo Pasó [Tell Me How It Happened]. It follows a family in Madrid, Spain, from 1968 through the Transition to democracy after the death of the dictator Franco, told from the point of view of the family's younger son, Carlitos, just 8 years old when the series began.

Read more about the show that Hollywood could never produce in this month's front page article of my formal website, www.sue.burke.name

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