Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

Obama wins Democrats Abroad Primary

Overseas Americans gave Obama his 11th win in a row. Results from the primary held for members of the Democratic Party living abroad, were 15,214 (65.8%) for Barack Obama, 7,501 (32.5%) for Hillary Clinton. In all, 23,105 votes were cast.

In Spain, where I live, 2,035 votes were cast: 68.5% Obama, 29.2% Clinton.

The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary was conducted February 5-12, 2008. Balloting took place at voting centers in over 30 countries, by mail and fax, and for the first time, on the Internet through a secure online voting system. Online ballots were cast from 164 countries and territories, from Antarctica to Zambia.

Complete results are available at

The focus for the organization now shifts to helping overseas Americans vote. Citizens can request a ballot using

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