Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

C'e qualcuno che parla Prairie Home?

Yesterday was the drawing for El Gordo, the Spanish Christmas lottery, the biggest lottery in the world. A detailed account is on my web page.

Although I had my bottle of bubbly refrigerated and ready to open, I did not win El Gordo or any of the smaller prizes, and there were more than 13,000 prizes in all. Ticket number 15170 won a small prize, €100 per décimo, but not 15171, which was mine.

So instead, my husband and I opened the bottle yesterday evening and watched the Prairie Home Companion movie, which never made it to theaters here in Spain -- and watching it, we could understand why. Spaniards would never get the jokes.

However, our copy came via Italy. The credits had been translated to Italian, although the dialogue remained in English, undubbed and unsubtitled. Could anyone have accurately translated Lefty and Dusty's bad joke song? Did Italians get the jokes in English?

These questions were not solved by the application of alcohol, but we were too busy laughing to ponder them anyway.

"Dusty, did you hear about the Viagra theft?"
"No, tell me about it, Lefty."
"Police are looking for a gang of hardened criminals."
(Refrain) "Bad jokes, don't you just love 'em."
Tags: humor

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