Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

A sorrow-filled call to vote

Basque terrorists deny the legitimacy of Spain's democracy. They kill politicians, police, members of the military, but also ordinary citizens. They threaten reprisals against anyone who votes, and the turnout in the Basque province is always at least 10 percent lower than elsewhere in Spain. Spain is having national elections today, March 9.

You need to know this to understand the remarks of Sandra Carrasco, the 20-year-old daughter of the ex-alderman and Socialist Party member Isaías Carrasco. He was shot and killed by a terrorist in the Basque town of Mondragón-Arrasate on Friday. She spoke yesterday in the town's main square, which was filled with citizens who had come in silent protest of the assassination.

"I want to give my heartfelt thanks for the support of the people of Arrasate, for the anonymous citizens who have approached me and my family to give us their concern, support, and warmth in these difficult moments. Thank you for being with my mother, with my brother Adei, and with my sister Ainara.

"I also want to take advantage of these microphones and television cameras to thank you for being with us, on behalf of the Socialist Party.

"They assassinated my father for defending freedom, democracy, and Socialist ideas. He was always a brave man, willing to stand up for himself. Those who killed him were cowards, they were cowards, they have no cojones.

"But, above all, I want to ask for something. The murder of my father should not be used and manipulated by anyone. I won't tolerate it, not me, not my family, no one. I, my mother, all of us are going to vote. And this is what I ask: everyone should vote. Those who want to share their solidarity with my father and with our sorrow should show up massively to vote on Sunday to say to the assassins that we won't take one step back.

"I am very proud of my father and I can only say that they are sons of bitches. That's all. And I love him."

[Translation mine. Voting is underway now. Polls close at 8 p.m.]

Tags: political, spanish

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