Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

He's shown us his. . .

. . . so I'll show you mine. My friend jaylake, award-winning science fiction writer and all-around great guy, recently had a 4-cm. macaroni-shaped cancer tumor and some secondary cancers removed from his colon. He is now home, resting, and doing well. He has turned his tumor photo into a userpic, as you can see here.

I won't do that. First, my tumor was much smaller and only pre-cancerous -- I was lucky enough to have early symptoms. Life-and-death lucky. Second, it's too ugly to look at with any regularity. Not when I can show you oregano seedlings instead. Aren't they cute?

In any case, I'll live. More importantly, so will Jay. If his illness is news to you or if you haven't done so already, go leave him a get-well message.

Tags: personal

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