Sue Burke (mount_oregano) wrote,
Sue Burke

The unluckiest place in Pamplona

Another goring today in Pamplona, and at the exact same place as yesterday's. You can see it here:
on the TVE video for Dia 10 de julio, at 2:40 and again at 3:08. Watch for the young man in the blue shirt who goes flying.

Yesterday a Californian, 22 years old, was gored in the gluteus (initial reports said abdomen) and received a 12 centimeter/5 inch deep wound; today a 28-year-old Spaniard was gored in the thigh.

This spot on Estafeta Street is one of the riskiest locations of the run. The bulls leave the corral, run up Santo Domingo Street, take a gentle curve onto Mercaderes Street, and then make a right-angle turn onto Estafeta. They can't see the turn coming because of all the runners ahead of them, so they usually take the turn badly. Sometimes they fall and get up a little disoriented and separated from the rest of the herd, which is when they're most dangerous.

In any case, they wind up on the lefthand side of the street, and anyone there is in their way. As you can see, sometimes the bulls don't exactly attack, they merely clear a path, shoving and tossing aside anything ahead of them.

Experienced runners know about this spot and other common hazards on the course. If you run, do some research. Half of all injuries occur on Estafeta Street.

Today, in total, seven people were hurt and four of those suffered head trauma, the potentially deadliest injury. An American was whisked off by ambulance unconscious and woke up in the hospital, diagnosis uncertain.

Speaking of gorings, one more occurred yesterday hours after the run. As you may know, the bulls in the morning run are fought in the evening, and yesterday during the bullfight, matador Sebastián Castella was gored in the scrotum. Due to the height of a bull's horns compared to male human anatomy, this happens from time to time.

Another thing to consider if you want to run: You might get a scar that you can't show off in public, and what good is that?

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